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 We're creating a "Raise Your Energy" Power Routine! This daily follow-along, FULL Body Routine will pull together ALL the modalities and movements from the 5-Day Energy Detox Event into ONE routine! And YES, it will be included in the Video Series  replays. Order now and we'll invite you to the session!
The 'Abundant Health' Routine will be edited and added to the program next week!
 DAY 7 SUPER BONUS! We're now including the "Raise Your Energy" PowerRoutine! This daily follow-along, FULL Body Routine pulls together ALL the modalities and movements from the 5-Day Energy Detox Event into ONE routine!!


 DAY 7 SUPER BONUS! We're creating a "Raise Your Energy" Power Routine! This daily follow-along, FULL Body Routine will pull together ALL the modalities and movements from the 5-Day Energy Detox Event into ONE routine!!    


(1PM Central TX / 11am Pacific CA /2pm Eastern NY)

Go here at class time:

Boost Your Body's Energy with the...
Energy Detox & Reboot Video Series!
Clear Energy Blocks that Causes Poor Health, Weakened Immune Systems, Chronic Pain and Worry. This ALL NEW Series Adds Fresh Life-Force for More Healing, Vitality & Resilience!
Total Value With Bonuses - $618 ($297 + $321)
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Introducing the Energy Detox & Reboot Video Series! In these five, 60-minute trainings, you’ll not only learn how to quickly clear damaging blocks and energy disruptions... but also align your system to create a stronger immune system so you can experience accelerated healing and joy! 
SESSION ONE: Easily Restore Ageless, Pain Free Mobility to your Body!
Discover standing and sitting moves to help relieve lower back pain and feel young again!
 Healing breathwork (and a special sound) that releases ‘pain signals' from the brain
 Spinal Circles  for more mobility, increased flexibility and help with Back Pain!
 Learn fluid movements that Naturally unwind tension from your muscles, remove pain from your joints, and restore ageless mobility to your back and body!
SESSION ONE: Easily Restore Ageless, Pain Free Mobility to your Body!
Discover standing and sitting moves to help relieve lower back pain and feel young again!
 Healing breathwork (and a special sound) that releases ‘pain signals' from the brain
Mind mantras that help turn off damaging MENTAL HABITS that make the body hurt!
 Learn fluid movements that Naturally unwind tension from your muscles, remove pain from your joints, and restore ageless mobility to your back and body!
SESSION TWO: Essential Energy Clearing & Rejuvenation Principles
 Learn the most effective, fast-acting ways to Activate and Clear your Energy Channels  
 Use Standing Meditation to Carry Fresh Life-Force deeper into the Body’s Channels
 Try deep Healing Breathwork exercises to Release Toxic Energy blocks! 
 Learn Tension/Relaxation (Compression Techniques) to Open Energy Channels Wider
 Activate Lymph drainage and circulate your CHI with gentle Qigong leg rebounding 
SESSION TWO: The Essential Energy Principles to Build Your Foundation
 Learn the most effective, fast-acting ways to Activate and Clear your Energy Channels  
 Discover how energy circles and cycles through the body and around the body
 Use these deep Healing Breathwork principles to Release Toxic Energy blocks! 
 Practice 'Full Body' Tapping and learn the ancient 'Ringing the Temple Bell' movement :)
 Activate Lymph drainage and circulate your CHI with gentle Qigong rebounding 
SESSION THREE: Meditation Secrets for Deeper Healing and Awakening
Learn Sensei Tristan’s favorite Meditation Secrets (from over 20,000 hours of study!)
 Discover the power of Open Eye meditation versus Closed Eye meditation - and the BEST way to open the door to your 3rd Eye! Folks say this yin + yang approach changes everything!
 Learn two Mushin 'No Mind' meditation secrets that put the Monkey Mind in its place!
 Experience a guided meditation process that connects you to Universal Intelligence!!!
SESSION FOUR: The S.A.T.O.R.I. Mind-Body Map for Conscious Manifestation
 Grab this life-changing MAP to manifest more health, happiness and spiritual connectivity
Use the Map to prevent spiritual confusion, so you can stay grounded as you ascend.
Understand how all of your modalities and exercises can work together harmoniously
Learn how to direct and flow your energy for every kind of manifestation (perfect for healing)
Discover how to tap into your inner seeds of enlightenment for conscious manifestation!
SESSION FIVE: Ageless Mobility and Qigong Strong for Muscles and Tendons
 Flowing Qigong to improve circulation 
Usher in fresh life-force that feeds your tissues, organs and bones!
 Ageless Mobility moves to unwind tension from tight tissues for healthy joints
 Qigong Strong moves to strengthen muscles and tendons and increase bone density!
 No impact cardio + fun punches and knees!
 Standing leg lifts for strong legs and hips!
This in-depth video training series includes EVERYTHING taught by Sensei Tristan during the 5-Day Energy Detox & Reboot Event. 
You'll also receive the Day 6 & Day 7 Trainings: The 'CHI-Ball Session', The 'Mystical Orbit Session', and the 2024 Abundant Health Routine!
*You get instant online access to all these high quality digital videos - there's nothing to download*
*You'll Also Be Getting These 3 Additional Bonuses - TOTAL VALUE: $391*
 SUPER BONUS #1: 2024 Abundant Health Activator ($97 Value) 
In this day 7 masterclass we pull together all of the modalities and movements from the 5-Day Energy Detox and Reboot Event!
 This Masterclass brings everything together into a power-packed movement and meditation routine: The 2024 ABUNDANT HEALTH Activator!
 BONUS #2: The Chi-Ball Energy Training ($97 Value)
This deep-dive day 6 session will help you...
Feel the Hot QI Energy in your Hands!
Extend this energy to help heal yourself, your loved ones and your pets too!
➜ This session also includes the Mystical Orbit Training to help Heal Relationships.
 BONUS #3: A.M. Qigong: Wake Up & Flow ($127 Value)
7 Moves in 7 Minutes to help you to to Eliminate Annoying Aches, Pains, Stiffness —and Put More PEP in Your Step! PLUS...
Supercharge your Energy Body for Healing
CLEAR toxic energy Blocks and Disruptions
 Activate Your Lymph System's Natural Ability to Keep your Strong and Healthily!
*Get Easy Access from our Academy!
This short 15-minute routine helps you...
Remove Negative Energy blocks from your body AND mind.
Supercharge your Energy Body for amplified vitality & healing.
Create an Energy Field that protects you through the day!
Total Value With Bonuses - $618
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… Listen to What Some of our Attendees are Saying:
"This program is mind blowing. I am also learning the standing meditations. Tristan is an excellent master and I'm learning so much... Thank you so very much." ~ Maria 

"Thank you Tristan and Sabrina for the 5 Day Energy Training. I took this in the midst of a truly busy schedule. I usually delete all webinar offers because I am bombarded but something made me listen to yours. I believe that you offer a unique method, using the physical door to help us evolve. When you spoke of Martial Arts and Dance – I was in. I spend too much time in the rational, analytical sphere. Your method comes in at a different angle which is refreshing and fun. Plus you are both warm and vibrant." ~ Juli

"I am astonished at the feeling of increasing energy in my legs. I am continuing this journey in Qigong from now on." ~ Regina 

"I'm loving this! I was doing bits and pieces of qigong on my own, but you've really helped to put it all together. I have to remind myself to slow down and take my time and really absorb everything since all I want to do is jump in head first. Thank you again for everything." ~ Amanda 

"Wow.. I've meditated all my life not knowing that is what i was doing.... In all these years of exploring, learning I had not found what you taught today! Super-dooper great; and soooo important for beginners!" ~ Mariepaule

"I feel more in touch with myself, and expanding my energy outward and inward. I feel empowered when doing the exercises. I would like to do more of what you showed in 1-2 days of the 5 day energy sessions. I was recalling and doing those I remembered this morning to wake up whole body and it worked. Thank you!" ~ Josephine Raspanti

"Boy this program the missing piece to all programs!! Heaven sent! I appreciate you." ~ Eugenia

"I love the way you and Sabrina work/play together.... Been feeling amazing, the long endured shoulder pain is easing up substantially. I am a massage therapist and today I sat in my treatment room, and created the chi ball and did the mystic orbit to include the treatment room. I became a member of the Dojo after the 5 day energy expansion event, amazing program." ~ Kerry 

"I've really enjoyed them all 5 Training Sessions and absolutely adore this mystical outpouring of love." ~ Sue 

"Thank you both so much...It has been so lovely watching and listening to the two of you. The energy, authenticity and love that both of you project - I have NEVER seen before. Sabrina your words and content when you explain things really comes from the heart and I resonate with everything you say. Tristan I have loved watching you teach and you explain everything so well.... Seeing the beautiful love you have for each other has given me courage to take steps to rectify my situation. Much love to you both and thank you." ~ Laura 

"Thank you Trisbrina so much for the 5 day energy expansion programme. It gave me the kick start I needed to looking after my wellness.... Looking forward to experiencing more energy and motivation to make the lifestyle changes I want. Go well." ~ Olive

I can't thank you and Sabrina enough for the free Expansion classes! The info is truly invaluable and going back and re-listening and watching is so important because I know I pick up new things each time I watch!! Thanks again for all you Both do for this community... this has been a wonderful experience with amazing folks, and I fully intend to keep on with it!! Blessings and hugs!! ~ Kachi

"I love how clear your explanations are and look forward to flowing into my week of practice. Thanks!" ~ Howard

"I'm trying to regain mobility in both my knees from a car wreck in 2006. I did great for years and then last year all the pain and restrictions came back. I can already feel a difference from doing the circles and breathing you taught during Day Three..... Yahooo! You and Sabrina are blessings! Healthfully yours." ~ CeeJai

"You two make me smiles! YES! Inside and out! Every chance I get I turn you on or in! Thank you for being here for all of us, you are truly amazing and gifted people! Thank you for sharing! Love, Light, and many Blessings." ~ Jonnie

"I love your teaching method.. It is easy to understand directions which has always been hard for me to follow. From the start I was able to follow you while keeping notes. I am excited about learning about my energy and what I can do with it. Another thing that attracted me to this method is that I become so relaxed (always been anxious) which has overflowed into my life. I was looking for something to help me learn to deal with a perfectionist sister in law when I go visit my brother and the rest of his family. I now will have tools to use when I am in this situation." ~ Patricia 

"You are a lovely vibrant couple and so earnest and sincere. I enjoy the loving, fun way you present. Thank you!" ~ Shanti

"I actually work with a few Qigong teachers but every teacher is unique and I enjoyed the course, both the lessons and the stories, and most of all the love, something that you both share with each other and with all of us. To me that is priceless. Always a beginner and always one. Much peace and blessings Tristan and Sabrina." ~ Will

"Dear Brother Tristan, Just wanted to tell you that this course is really waking up parts of me that I thought were shut down years ago! I feel so young and revived every time I go through the program! It is truly amazing! Feeling better about life all the way around! Thank you again!" ~ Neal 

"Greetings Sensei Tristan! Thank you for your great 5 lessons Course which introduced me to you and Sabrina. I've started with the Martial Yoga Standing Series - I'm taking it slowly, I'm not a natural exerciser, but a little does go a long way with me - I'm just working through each of the moves to loosen myself out over this week (or so), and will work up to doing the full Standing practice. I'm sleeping better already! With love and light!" ~ Angela

"I completely LOVED!! the series which is all new to me. I loved both yours and Tristan’s detailed explanations and both your energies. You both made the learning fun, enjoyable and interesting. Thank you and thank you for sharing your knowledge!" ~ Christine

"Wow! So much to learn! So happy to be here! Since joining, I am so energized, sleeping better, more connected, truly happy and attracting fab things in my business and it is only a few days. My heart, soul and mind ( both!!) are overflowing with love right now. Sending that love in gratitude to Tristan and Sabrina and all of my "new" friends here: so eager to learn, love, share and serve. Let's light up the world!!" ~ Karen 

"I love your program. I'm very grateful and enthused and working away at a pace that allows for all my other commitments. Your energy success activator is part of my every morning and has changed my life and relationship with myself. Thank you!!!" ~ Turiyagrace

"I want you to know that you already changed my life, and the life of the difficult person in my life : ) Despite of years working with energy and healing, I got insights which allowed me to find more pieces of the puzzle I am putting together in this lifetime... With love, gratitude and many blessings." ~ Ania

"I am having more lucid dreaming moments and the head sensations you described from my third eye waking up! Super intense dreams and better sleep! I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell you how much I appreciate you putting this out there in an easy to follow format! May God bless you both in your quest for better health, for all people!" ~ Neal
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About Tristan & Sabrina Truscott
Co-Founders: Satori Method
After many years of studying martial arts and the mind-body-spirit connection, Tristan Truscott was granted the coveted level of Black Belt and went on to build a thriving Martial Arts Academy. Unfortunately in the year 2000 Tristan was forced to end his martial arts career, due to a crippling back injury.

Even after five years of intense pain and an unsuccessful $90,000 surgery by the best doctors, Tristan and his wife Sabrina pushed onward seeking a solution to Tristan's crisis. In the year 2005 they finally had a healing breakthrough that helped him reclaim his health and begin teaching again.

They discovered that the focus of the mind when unified with the energy of the body is the greatest transforming power we have, if developed correctly. 

Today Tristan and Sabrina joyfully teach people their breakthrough mind-body system (Satori Method) for physical healing, energy clearing and conscious manifestation.
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