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Qigong Energy Arts Certification
Cultivate Your Own Superior Health and Get Certified to Share Satori Qigong with Others! Now is the PERFECT Time to Boost Your Vitality and Launch a Highly Profitable, Heart-Based Business!

(You can learn and teach Qigong, even if you've never done anything like this before!)

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Discover the MOST Affordable way to Get Certified to Teach from the comfort of your home! Upon completion of the program you'll be awarded a Prestigious Certificate, along with the tools you need to expand your healing energy arts practice of Qigong ... (you can get certified even if you have never studied Qigong or done anything like this before!)
"I've yet to find anybody in this industry who has such genuine warmth and care for the people whose lives you touch." - June Burgess
The Certification Overview
This isn't your run-of-the-mill 'HOW TO' Certification...
In addition to the Certification, this online training will give you the necessary energetic secrets AND insights on running a successful Love-Based Business -- while helping others doing what you LOVE!

If you've ever wanted the opportunity to take your love for the healing energy arts and transform that passion into a highly profitable heart-centered business, then this Virtual Qigong Certification is for you! For 6-weeks you'll train with Satori Method founders, Tristan & Sabrina Truscott as they guide you into deeper levels of Qigong Mastery. You'll receive two pre-recorded trainings each week AND a LIVE implementation session (via Zoom) where you can receive personal attention. Each week they'll also impart to you the energy arts teaching AND business skills they've honed over the last 30 years while instructing people from their local and online studios.


We've designed this certification for people who want to take their healing energy arts skills deeper and those also interested in sharing rejuvenating energy arts practices with others. It's perfect for healers, coaches, teachers, physical therapists and other heart-centered service providers looking for a way to enhance their client's results using a process that compliments the work they're already offering... or people looking for a way to start their own profitable energy arts business.


This entire certification program is taught online, which means you get to master your skills from the comfort of your own home, office or studio. Plus with the advancements of today's video streaming technology we're able to give you the training you desire through virtual video feedback.


The certification training starts on September 22nd, 2021. The training concludes after a 6-week deep-dive training period. The certification is self-paced but attending some or all of the 5 LIVE classes is very beneficial. (Note: you have a full year to complete your exam!)


To be certified as a Healing Energy Arts Instructor you’ll need to pass the Certification Exam.

  The exams are held virtually (online) 2-4 times each year (approximately once per quarter).
  There are no additional fees for the exam or for the Certificate that is mailed to you after you pass.
  If you refer a private exam there is an additional fee to take the exam as a private session.

NOTE: You can opt-out of the exam and simply enjoy this deep-dive training .

Training Session #1
Welcome to the first “Teacher Training” session. In this session, we break down the training lesson plans and look at the importance of training “as if” you’re going to teach, even if you’re not sure how that’s going to unfold for you in this moment. You’ll be introduced to the term Budo (a code of purpose) and the power this gives you. There’s also important insights about dealing with distractions or barriers that might show up for you during this teacher training… and so much more!!

Training Session #2
Movement Mastery, and the 6 D’s of Dynamic Teaching. You’ll also learn the way to Construct Corrections that sink in and without dis-empowering your students. This is something you’ll want to implement, not just for your students, but also when you are mentally correcting yourself!

Training Session #3
In this third training session we take a visual look at the 6 Ds of Dynamic Teaching and share additional insights from the 6Ds that will ensure you become and awesome teacher. We also share with you our “Motivation Formula” and our “C.A.R.E. Business Growth Formula”. This session is definitely packed full of QI

Training Session #4
In this fourth training session you get a complete overview of all the “attributes” that can (and should) be developed to cultivate a successful Qigong practice. We cover the attributes for the Physical, Mental and Energetic aspects of Qigong! Teachers who understand the attributes practice at this deep level will never run out of things to share during their sessions 

Training Session #5
In this fifth training session we take deeper look at the “C.A.R.E. Business Growth Formula”. It’s a powerful process that helps you get clear on how to set up your Qigong services for either group or individual sessions… plus a full breakdown on how to attract the right students, keep them coming back and expand your practice over time.

Training Session #6
In this session, you’ll learn important Postural Principles that will help you find (for yourself and your students) the postures or positions that best facilitate the flow of energy. And as a little bonus, you’ll learn how you can help your students to feel more energy in the beginning – before the session.

Training Session #7
In this session we open up with a conversation about some of the “spiritual” experiences that can unfold as one’s Qigong practice deepens. You’ll also learn about the 12 energy points along the Microcosmic Orbit, the 7 Chakras from Traditional Yoga and the 3 Core Energy Centers (aka Dan Tians). BTW, all of the links mentioned in this session are located below this video.

Training Session #8
In this training session we cover many ways of transforming “exam” anxiety into excitement… and strategies for turning fear into love. We also discuss methods of demonstrating moves for your students and for taking an exam. Additionally we offer insights on how to set up your training space, orienting new students and we touch on ideas for expanding and marketing your group classes or 1-1 sessions.

Training Session #9
In our final training session we walk you through the “Mastering the Art of Qigong” manual we’ve prepared for you. This is an in-depth look at the history of ancient Qigong and how it can be used as an integrative mind-body-spirit modality in our modern world. It also includes helpful diagrams, philosophical concepts and a Qigong terms glossary. Additionally we show you how to make adjustments to your form as you progress along your path to becoming a fully certified Satori Qigong instructor.

Satori Qigong: The Flow Form
Satori Qigong: The Flow Form is our flagship healing energy arts program. Created by Sensei Tristan Truscott, this simple, yet highly effective routine can be completed in approximately 15 minutes. This style of Qigong (moving energy meditation) is used to clear toxic energy blocks that can be the root cause behind: Pain, Stiffness, Sleep Issues and Premature Aging! (not to mention feelings of moodiness, reactivity and lethargy!)

Many Westerners love the phenomenal health benefits of Qigong, but find the lengthy complicated sequences confusing and esoteric. Sensei Tristan’s 'Flow Form' is time-efficient, Western-friendly, results driven yet simple to learn... a kind of "best-of-the-best" fusion blend.
Click to watch a video of The Flow Form  
Getting Certified: Basically you start by using the included home-study course to LEARN 'The Flow Form”. The course is broken down into detailed lessons that give you the techniques and nuances, as well as follow-along practice videos. As you follow along start memorizing the Flow sequence, the names of the moves, and eventually being able to go through the routine without looking at the recordings. Additionally watch the recordings of the certification sessions and attend the LIVE Trainings (all which will be available in our private membership academy). Keep reading below for all of the extra details. 
Meet Your Instructors!
Tristan & Sabrina Truscott both have over 3 decades of experience teaching martial arts, dance fitness, meditation and the healing arts. They're the creators of 7 internationally acclaimed mind-body-spirit programs that help people awaken their life-force energy for the cultivation of physical vitality, mental clarity and higher consciousness.

Why Qigong? In the year 2000, Tristan was forced to end his martial arts career due to a crippling back injury. For 5 long years Tristan and Sabrina searched for a solution to end his intense pain. After a many dead end roads, including a $90,000 surgery by top doctors, they were finally led to the art of Qigong.

The Flow Form: To many Westerners, Qigong instruction has seemed very esoteric and confusing. It can also take a LONG time to practice the routines, but the results from Qigong are phenomenal.  Over time Tristan and Sabrina developed a time-efficient, Western-friendly process. Today this easy-to-follow style of Qigong is known as "The Flow Form" (a best-of-the-best fusion blend). 
No Travel!  Do It From Home!
Unlike most certification programs we actually bring the training experience and certification to you! Everyone loves this, especially our International attendees! No matter where you live you can attend our LIVE classes, replays and study sessions from the comfort of your own home (or office). This means NO added travel expenses and NO time away from home!

After 25 years of running our local Academy in Austin, TX and certifying students to teach... we've finally figured out how to broadcast our classes into a live format with today's latest advancements in online technology.

PLUS with this online technology you get an INSTANT REPLAY of all the classes! This is HUGE! You never feel like you missed a class and you can go through a lesson over and over until you’ve got it!
Our Good Faith Offer
Here’s something special we’re doing for you:
So to be totally clear, you can attend the event, go through all the training, and get certified for HALF the normal tuition. You only pay the remaining balance, IF AND ONLY IF, you make at least $5000 within a year, using what you learn and apply from this event. Otherwise, you don’t owe us another dime! You'll also get all of the bonuses (keep reading) - we really want you to know that we fully believe in this certification training program and we fully believe in YOU!! That’s why we’re willing to bend over backwards to help you make the decision to expand your practice and fully profit from your Qigong and Energy healing passion!
 3 Big Beautiful Bonuses!!
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Membership to our Private Instructor Group gives you ongoing access to additional strategies to grow your Energy Arts Practice! Plus you'll get incredible Qigong Community Support, Networking Opportunities and much more!   ($2000 Real Value)
Once Certified you'll get a forever listing in our Qigong Instructor Directory (on our highly visited Satori Method Website!) Use this listing to showcase your Certification Credentials! You can list your bio, other credentials, website, email, phone number, etc.   ($500 Real Value)
Once Certified you'll be eligible to receive our Certified Satori Qigong Instructor Badge, 'I Love Qigong' Logo, PLUS Member Signup Forms and Waivers!   ($300 Real Value)
 Extra, Extra!  Super Bonuses!!
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 SUPER BONUS #1 - Certification Monetization Workshop
This "Certification Monetization" BONUS alone could be the most important (and profitable) workshop you attend!
We believe this online "Certification Monetization Workshop" is the missing piece most Certifications leave out... the strategies and tactics to create (and expand) your own Highly-Profitable, Passion-Driven business... one that transform people's lives... and at the same time gives YOU more Freedom, Money and Time!

During this online workshop, we’ll dive into Heart-Centered Strategies that help you start, build and scale your business. We'll reveal the biggest mistake most teachers, coaches, healers and energy workers make right out of the gate! And show you how to lovingly get a cutting-edge above the competition :-) 

($497 Real Value)

 SUPER BONUS #2 - Lights, Camera, Action! 
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION is where we take you Behind-The-Scenes and show you exactly how we do what we do 'From Home'
PART 1- How to take advantage of natural lighting to get great lighting when you’re filming. How to set up using a selfie stick vs. a point-and-shoot camera on a tripod. How to use different settings, devices and locations to capture the look and feel you want. A simple ‘upgrade’ lighting technique to have your shots look consistent – regardless of the time of day or the light intensity coming in your window. The one thing that can let you avoid that ‘mug shot’ look when you’re on camera.

PART 2 - How to film from your laptop using only natural window light! How to raise the camera of your laptop to eye-level and adjust the background view your viewer sees. How to add a higher quality camera and mic if needed to your laptop . A cool way to use a Gorilla (aka Monkey Grip) Tripod.
PART 3 - How to get creative with your spaces How to film from an iPad on a Tripod with a Light Ring. How small spaces can look large on camera. How to add a higher quality mic if needed to your iPad. How to incorporate a laptop off camera for reading Facebook comments. How to keep props off camera so you can grab them quickly when needed.

PART 4 - How to film outdoors with natural light and a selfie stick How to film a touring video How to transition from a touring video to a stationary full body tripod video. An over-the-shoulder strolling technique that keeps you in the light. How to find the light, notice the shade, and look for the tiny bright spots. How to find “sets” everywhere. Noticing noises like kids playing, airplanes overhead – be aware of environment. Remember when filming outside, try to shoot in the golden hour. The golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky.

($497 Real Value)



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Here's A Recap Of What You Get:

"Qigong Teacher Training & Certification"

Get Certified to Teach from the comfort of your home! Upon completion of the program you'll be awarded a Prestigious Certificate, along with the tools you need to expand your healing energy arts practice... (you can get certified even if you have never studied Qigong or done anything like this before!)


BONUS #1: "All Access Private Instructor Group"
Additional Strategies to Grow Your Energy Arts Practice, Qigong Community Support, Networking and More! ($2000 Real Value)

BONUS #2: "Certified Instructor Directory Listing"
Detailed Listing in our Qigong Instructor Directory on our Highly Visited Satori Method Website! ($500 Real Value)

BONUS #3: "Quick Start Marketing Materials" 
Once certified you'll be eligible to receive our Certified Satori Qigong Instructor Badge, "I Love Qigong" Logo, Member Signup Forms and Waivers! ($300 Real Value)


SUPER BONUS #1 - "Certification Monetization" ($497 Value)

We believe this online "Certification Monetization Workshop" is the missing piece most Certifications leave out!


SUPER BONUS #2 - "Lights, Camera, Action!" ($497 Value)

This 4-Part Training takes you Behind-The-Scenes and give you a deep dive training into how we teach classes from anywhere!


Teacher Certification - $2997
Business Bonuses - $2800
Super Bonuses - $994
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"Qigong is definitely the niche I have searched for all my life, and Satori Method is the gold standard for that learning." ~ Barbara Stewart

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The Healing Energy Arts Certification
Home-Study & Live Implementation Sessions

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The Healing Energy Arts Certification
Home-Study & Live Sessions  + ACCELERATOR

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Includes the Certification PLUS the Accelerator Coaching!


This is an invitation to join us for one-on-one coaching in a small group setting!

*** REMAINING SPOTS:  25 20 ***

'ACCELERATOR' is a FULL DAY of Coaching with us! We’ll meet on Zoom with you. On the session you’ll get to introduce yourself, share who you serve (or want to serve), what you "do" and how you plan to package your offer. It's during this coaching session that we'll add our insights and creativity and brainstorm how to best position your offer (your classes, coaching, or courses) in the marketplace and make them NEXT LEVEL. Coaching with mentors who actually offer programs (like yours) and who are making a real difference (and a real profit) can help you quickly hone in on your ideal client, your messaging and on creating your hot offer! At the end of the business coaching program you’ll have incredibly clear direction on how to Launch your Healing Energy Arts and Coaching Business! Enroll in ACCELERATOR while there's still room and we'll help you shave years off your success path!! 
***Individual consulting and small group business coaching is normally $5,000 to $10,000 per person – but during our LIMITED LAUNCH we're offering you this ACCELERATOR coaching package for JUST $1897 - it includes the 'Healing Energy Arts Certification Program" ($6994) – PLUS the Accelerator Coaching Package ($5000) - that’s a savings of over $10,000! Limited seating… we only have room for 25 people, so Act FAST!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
➜  Below are the most commonly asked questions about the Virtual (Online) Qigong Certification Course. 
When are the sessions? 
There are two certification training sessions released each week. These Nine Recorded Trainings become available on Wednesdays and Sundays. Additionally the are 5 LIVE sessions broadcast from our private online Qigong studio. (replays always available)
What is covered in the sessions? 
During the sessions you will: 1) learn how to level up your personal Qigong skill, 2) learn how to teach the Art of Qigong to others, 3) continue to improve your mastery of Qigong with our weekly Flow Form home-study sessions (see the BONUSES below!)
What if I can’t make a live session? 
All live sessions are recorded so you can enjoy replays when you can’t make one live. (Special Note: The lessons and take-aways continue after each class through LIVE texting chat under the videos).
What if I’ve never done anything like this before? 
Perfect! Seriously, we’ve figured out how to teach people at all different stages of development with our unique ‘layered learning' process… it’s something we’ve mastered by working with thousands of people over the years.
Is it safe to participate online? 
Yes! Your experience with us is very safe and secure. In addition to all of the sessions being available in our private Satori Method Academy, we use a private Facebook group to deliver our live sessions simply because it’s the most user-friendly platform out there for live classes. 
I don’t do Facebook so now what?
We realize some people don’t use FB - No Problem! After each live session, we'll load the training video to our private members area for you to watch and follow along with the group training. So no Facebook is needed!
  Program Starts September 21st, 2021
"Your Qigong Certification has changed my Life". - Dawn M
How many people will be attending with me?
You’ll be joining a small, private, mindful group of people. We only offer this training to a LIMITED NUMBER OF PEOPLE. The student-to-teacher ratio is set at a level that allow us to fully support YOU!
What does the Exam entail?
Over the 6-weeks of certification training we dive deeply into the art of Qigong, using The Flow Form as your certification curriculum. You'll get lots of feedback along the way to prepare for the exam. *All you need to pass the exam is a computer, smartphone or tablet. We'll help you get everything set up in advance so the experience is seamless and FUN!
Is the EXAM portion required? Or can I do this just for me?
The "Exam" is OPTIONAL - if you don't want to take the exam you can go through the entire process for you own personal mastery. And the 60% OFF discount is for everyone - which includes all of the Bonuses!
What if I have additional questions?
Simply email us at: or feel free to call us (512) 698-9591 with any other question you may have. 
  Listen To What Our Participants Are Saying!
 Check Out All The Buzz!
Read What Some Of Our Graduates Are Saying:
Qigong is definitely the niche I have searched for all my life, and Satori Method is the gold standard for that learning. I've explored other qigong offerings, but not one comes close to Satori's excellence. Some are very good (but still don't rival Tristan and Sabrina), some are rather esoteric (what did he say, what's that mean?) You all absolutely are so very excellent at what you do, and teaching your methods so others can excel at teaching or marketing is just phenomenal.  
~ Barbara Stewart


I gave my first class today. I’m still processing the experience but it's a massive breakthrough for me. The energy was amazing, my whole body was shaking. Feeling happy, grateful and proud of myself.  
~ Veronique Cartier 


I started practicing qigong with Tristan and Sabrina. They’re my first teachers and I owe them the love I have for qigong. Every single night i practice... I’ve been sharing it with everyone who has wanted to give it a go, and it has been very successful. I’ve been asked to offer qigong practice to teenagers as part of their Easter camp activities.... Thank you! Love this group!!!!! ~ Pilu Hermosilla 


I’m teaching and serving! I teach weekly classes in the non-profit where I work. Last week I taught a special class to 30 Suicide & Crisis Line Intervention Specialists. I also teach at a local yoga studio and have been invited to share Qigong at two special events... I really wanted to teach mostly online, but trusting in the path that the Universe is taking me on. There's definitely not a lack of need for this beautiful Life Force art!  
~ Bonnie Bush 


I’ve taught a couple of full day ‘winter revivers’ locally and now seeding and preparing for an online class. Hoping to launch in the autumn! ~ Suzan Turan


 I’ve taught Zoom sessions and I have a FB group where I share various methods of self-help including qigong! I’m preparing my online program for people to start taking care of themselves via qigong, meditation... healthy food etc. 🙏 thank you. You’re all so inspiring. ~ Anne Beaudonnet 


I’ve been sharing Qigong with my Pilates instructor. She has invited me to teach Qigong classes at her studio! Her dog, Joey, is always lively and playing with his toys as we begin a session. But after a few minutes, he calms down and goes to sleep....every time. ~ Vickie Calhoun 


Every Thursday morning I give Qigong sessions in the garden of a cafeteria of a good friend. We started with three people and now we are with ten! enjoying this beautiful Energy. ~ Ingrid Landburg 


I started learning Chi gong a year before I got my certification as a quest for self healing (I had gotten ill); I practice Qigong every day and it has helped me heal. I love the way it makes me feel. This compelled me to get the certification. In addition, I work in schools as a therapist, and I’ve been incorporating mindfulness and Chi gong with the students that I have on my caseload.  I’m also in the process of creating Chi gong classes online. ~ Fanny Elizaga 


I gave on integrating Qigong with my Mental Health Practice!! Wow! What a rush! All 20 of the attendees were doing QiGong for 15 minutes building a Qi ball. They want me to come back every 6 weeks for sessions in the Spiritual Center on the river. I talked about Qigong as self care for them as providers and gave them some quick tips. I also talked about the health benefits for their clients . They “got it” once they could feel it . I use “ Parting Clouds” with my trauma clients to help them feel connected and safe in their own body. I love doing this! ~ Cheryl Anthony


So Excited! I’ve been asked to teach in my home town! Wish me luck! I’m about to bust, I’m so excited to share qigong! Thanks Trisbrina!  ~ Kare Viola 


I’m so happy to share this video from my 7th lesson with retired people.... I have concentrated my teaching a lot on breathing and feeling Qi to set the background for having the right feeling when doing the movements in the Flow Form Qigong. It has been a very inspiring time for me, and I have myself learned a lot. I have shared videos from every lesson in a private FB group, also giving the participants certain specific extracts. We meet once a week, so they can watch in between lessons. Thank you Trisbrina, You’re the ones that are really inspiring all of us other with your love and care, and way of teaching. 🙏❤️  ~ Magnus Lindström 


As voice teachers we incorporate QiGong in our workshops. Also, have been teaching private Qi Gong classes in our studio/dojo! Yay!  ~ Beth & Doug Feller  


I’m finishing up current teachings classes and will incorporate QiGong very very soon cause I LOVE it!! 
~ Madalyn Kennedy


 I’m teaching Qigong in my family coaching practice. I love it and my clients love it. 
~ Claudine Paquet 


"The QiGong certification with Sensei Tristan and Sabrina was truly one of the best experiences of my life. They are an incredible team who love, encourage and support all who have the pleasure of sharing in their life. The classes were so informative and inspiring yet fun. I love QiGong and have incorporated it in my already existing classes. My members love, love it! QiGong opens your heart and heals from the inside out! I LOVE QiGong and I love Tristan and Sabrina." ~ Sharyn Zeppo


"Yay! I passed my exam. It was very comfortable with Tristan and Sabrina. I felt at home... Haha I was in my home. I got so many nuances about flow. Now I know the difference between taking exam and just practicing from lessons. Thank you Tristan and Sabrina for this opportunity." ~ Jyotsna Agarwal


"Wow! Started week 2 instruction of the Flow Form this morning. What fantastic training! Every position, what to do with my mind as well as my body, is detailed, and prevention of injury vs benefit to joints, ligaments, etc. This is so cool!" ~ Andrea Carson


"I am so glad I decided to become a Certified QiGong Instructor with Tristan and Sabrina!! The practice of this ancient Art has really helped me Flow all of the pieces of my life into more balance and harmony. The biggest win for me is how it has done so much to harmonize all of the modalities of my Coaching and Healing Business. It really helps me to bring all of my Eastern and Western training together and bring an integrated Body/Mind Aligned approach to my work! I am already teaching it online and locally following their business advice. If it hadn’t been for their support and encouraging love I would not be moving forward in the direction I am right now! Feeling so blessed and thankful!" ~ Coby Scaccia


"I have been practicing the Flow Form since early last fall. I STILL practice almost every day as I love it. I am 68 yrs old and this is a gentle way of keeping up my health – very easy and very beneficial. For me, it has given big benefits with relatively little effort:
1) Keeps my Sacroiliac Joint functioning well and free of pain.
I have had this condition for 2 or 3 yrs.
When I have let my practice lapse for more than 3 or 4 days, the pain comes back.
Have had sore shoulders for a while – they are getting better too.
So doing the Flow Form keeps everything in alignment and pain free.
2) My legs are so much stronger.
Just the few minutes per day in this practice has given better muscle definition and more strength.
3) My sense of balance is very much improved!
4) Doing the Flow Form imparts a sense of peace and calmness.
It is essentially a standing/movement mediation that I find very effective."

~ Wendy Russell


"What I loved about the certification program was how easy it was to learn QiGong through an online format. Sensei Tristan and Sabrina add so much more to the program than just teaching QiGong. They share a wealth of information and their personalities make learning so much FUN! For me, this program has been a real life changer. I feel much more relaxed and grounded, I am stronger and I have more energy, my sleep and pain have improved greatly and I feel more aligned and balanced...mentally, physically, and spiritually. I'm also more confident and excited to share this wonderful program I have learned to help other people heal themselves, which to me is what QiGong is all about and the reason why I signed up for the program. I highly recommend this QiGong Certification to everyone..teachers, healers, coaches....actually everyone!" 
~ Monica Richardson


"For me, taking the Satori Flow Form certification changed my life. I was able to learn things about Qigong in a way that was so easy and practical. I loved the online approach because I could return again and again to review what was taught, until I knew it completely. And in addition to all of this, I found Tristan and Sabrina's approach so encouraging as it was filled with genuine love and kindness for all of their students. The whole training, plus going to Austin to meet them and other members of the Satori Community gave me such confidence and inspiration for my Holistic Business that I was able to start teaching. I've now taught class 4 out of a 5-week Qigong course which has really motivated me to continue on and do much more. With love." ~ Myra Willis


"When it was announced that Senseis Tristan and Sabrina were offering the Flow Form Certification Program, my heart immediately shouted YES! The certification program was an absolute gift. The course was conducted true Trisbrina style - over the top delivery, content, instruction and support. Not only did it bring training to a much deeper level, I am now in a position where I can share this beautiful life changing, life enhancing art with others while generating an income. It truly is a giant step forward into “Be Love, Serve Love and Make a Difference.” If you are interested in teaching QiGong, or even if you want to deepen your own practice, I would highly recommend this program." ~ Kim DeClair


"This is an amazing opportunity! I received great benefits from energy and business standpoints. Tristan and Sabrina definitely know what they’re doing and I am honored to have gone through this training. Their programs have changed mine and many other lives for the better! Better sleep, better mobility, and lots of BIG energy l. I have so much energy now to share with others and it’s such a great feeling. All your questions will be answered, just take the first step and the rest will unfold! I 100% recommend this process for anyone who is willing to advance their training and practice as well as how to teach others! Amazing stuff. With Love." ~ Steven LaBella


"I love QiGong! After every session, I feel reconnected with my inner peace, empowered by my strength and balance and spiritually polished as if I have just experienced a deep form of prayer. I decided that the QiGong Certification Program was a must for me as I continue to strive to improve the quality of my life and to develop a stronger sense of self. Tristan and Sabrina are amazing teachers! They're very supportive and nurturing and they create a fun, loving and accepting space for their students to learn and to achieve their personal best! The training classes are highly informative with easy to follow, step-by- step instructions. I highly recommend this wonderful program! As my skill level continues to increase, I plan to teach my family QiGong and also, to incorporate QiGong classes into my coaching practice." ~ Christina Waggoner


"Completing the Satori Qigong Flow Form Certification Course and then attending the Exam was a pivotal point in my life. I have never been super athletic and certainly have never received any awards in this area. With the guidance of Tristan and Sabrina, who are both well versed and incredibly skilled in helping people tap into physical and energetic flow, I was able to participate and achieve certification. I never realized how much this would mean to me, but it did and still does! I would recommend this to anyone who desires to get back in touch with their power centers. Qigong makes you strong! Thank you for making this available to us, Trisbrina! Much Love." ~ Bonnie Carney


"Being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working with trauma, the Qigong Certification has enabled be to help my clients in a way that talk therapy cannot. It helps them to gain back their own energy and power while providing a safety "bubble of energy". The Clearing Clouds movement is so powerful for this work. I also use it in by trainings for Compassion Fatigue. Personally, I have suffered from migraines for over 40 years and now and I rarely have them. At 72 years old I have more energy and feel more powerful than I ever have. I love this art of movement meditation! Also, I plan on teaching Qigong in the park near my house." ~ Cheryl Anthony LMHC


“I LOVE THIS!!! QiGong helps balance and shape our natural energetic flow state. It enlivens and nurtures my energetic body and always always feels blissful. The Yin Yang approach to your teaching is just so balanced and beautiful. This is awesome!!” ~ Carol Lang


“I'm blissed out right now in gratitude for having you both as my mentors and colleagues! Thank you soooo very much from the bottom of my heart i feel so safe here. It's definitely a safe place to step out of our comfort zone.” ~ Stacy Miller


"Learning with Tristan and Sabrina was a fun and informative experience. Since attending the Satori Method Qigong Certification I now have demonstrable proof that I know what I'm doing (I got skills!) and the confidence to show people a great way to get better sleep, have more energy, and feel healthier. The certification has gifted me the ability to help others gift themselves greater joy." ~ Yoshua Ortiz


"Your Qigong Certification has changed my life and opened doors to help change the lives of others. I have more focus, energy and can actually meditate deeply now. My students LOVE being able to sleep through the night and enjoy being balance on many different levels including a 90 years young student who can now get around without the use of a walker or cane. Thank you dearly XOXO" ~ Dawn Madrid


"In 2015 with many beautiful friends I attended the Qigong Certification program. Qigong is such a great energy work practice that enriches my life daily. I am truly grateful to Sensei Tristan Truscott and Sensei Peter Ragnar for bringing this beautiful art into my life." ~ Judit Sara


“Your heart-centered approach is the reason that I am here. Been looking to be led to the right place for 6 years.” ~ Bonnie Bush


“I believe you guys are in such integrity and honesty. It was your authenticity was what attracted me to your programs in the first place.” ~ Wendy Russell


“This certification program allowed me to take my own Qigong practice to the next level. It was well organized with detailed information of Qigong terms, body positions, specific areas of the body to focus on, breathing, visualization techniques and so much more! So excited to bring this into my practice & share with clients & students.” ~ Jill Beck


“Thank YOU and beyond thank you for your integrity, professionalism, care, compassion and providing your heart and support to all of us! I'm so grateful to be here!” ~ Leslie Sack


“So many wonderful lessons you are giving us here. I am so excited to share what I am learning and pay it forward. Taking this training is one of the best decisions I have ever made!!! Love it!” ~ Kim DeClair


“I am getting so much out of this course. You are amazing teachers and truly beautiful souls and I feel so blessed to be part of this community.” ~ Sharon Shine


"The energy of this class is so filled with love that it brings little tears of joy and delight. This Yin Yang approach to your teaching is just so balanced and beautiful. I LOVE THIS!!!" ~ Carol Lang


“This is so good. All such great information. Love these sessions. Thank you!” ~ Denise Avis


“You two are so beautiful! I'm so happy to be in this training!” ~ Annette Fleming


“So stoked to learn and grow through this method!! You both are amazing teachers and I am very touched by your authenticity and care for each of us, it shines through!” ~ Bryce Bertoli


"Thank you for sharing your experiences. Thank you for making learning so much fun! Sabrina love your playful nature!!!" ~ Laura Ghedotte


"I’ve been doing energy work, martial arts, tai chi and Qigong most of my life. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Tristan and Sabrina when I participated in a free energy expansion program - which lead me to the Qigong Certification Course. WHY? That is simple to answer because they’re two of the most genuine and loving people I’ve ever met, perhaps the most. Not only do they dedicate themselves to being the best teachers they can be, they’ll always offer you even more -more love, more help, and more growth. I believe that Qigong is one of, if not the main, missing elements in our life today. The most important aspect of life is flow, to get out of our heads and connect with the flow which connects you to your heart, your soul and the universe. If you’re thinking about starting to learn Qigong (or getting Certified) you’ve come to the perfect place and it is not by accident. You’ll have the perfect teachers, teaching you this 5000 year old tradition... breaking it down step by step for you....Words cannot begin to explain, what I’ve gained, as I continue to live and grow and flow though life. Blessings!" ~ William Russell 
And here's what some of our other students are saying about their experience and our teaching style:
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