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If you feel the calling — NOW is the time to share your skills AND... 
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“Epic World Class Teachers!” - John Assaraf  (CEO NeuroGym)
Join Us For The 3-Day "Start Teaching Today" Bootcamp!
If you’re a teacher, coach, therapist, energy worker, fitness instructor, holistic practitioner or transformational leader -- then keep reading because this is definitely for YOU.

Learn How to Launch a HIGHLY PROFITABLE Teaching/Coaching-Based Business.... without Manipulative Marketing or Sleazy Selling at this LIVE Virtual Event!

Sabrina & Tristan Teaching Live From A Virtual Zoom Studio


   ✽  You have an idea you want to bring to the world
   ✽  You dream of making a bigger difference in this life
   ✽  You want to share your gifts while being paid really well
   ✽  You feel stuck or stagnant with launching your business!
     You want energetically aligned marketing skills that WORK!
   ✽  You're willing to TAKE ACTION to make it happen!

   ✽  Group Coaching & Group Classes 
     1-1 Coaching, Consulting & Training
   ✽  Membership Programs (a.k.a. Continuity)
   ✽  Home-Study Courses (DVD, CD & Digital)
   ✽  Live Events, Retreats & Online Workshops
   ✽  Certifications & High Ticket Masterminds
Are You In 1 Of These 3 Stages With Your Business?
#1) Discovery Stage: You recently discovered that you love to share, teach and serve others - but have no idea how to turn your abilities and joy of helping others into a profitable business?

#2) Lift Off Stage: You already know what needs to be done to launch your heart-work in the world… but you still need help getting a good lift-off?

#3) Catapult Stage: You’ve always known you’re here to help others... and you're already working at it… but you need that extra BOOST to catapult what you're doing into a profitable, stress-free business? 

If you said YES to being in 1 of these 3 stages - then this event is perfect for YOU - and we’re here to help!
"We’ve been teaching personal development and running teaching/coaching-based businesses for over 30 years -- and we’ve learned a lot about what to do, but also what NOT to do." - Tristan & Sabrina Truscott
What Exactly Will I Learn At The 3-Day Bootcamp?
How to Launch a HIGHLY PROFITABLE Business.... without Manipulative Marketing or Sleazy Selling!
Have you noticed all the people lately in their 40s, 50s, and even 70s having great success sharing ARTS like Qigong, Yoga, T'ai Chi, Meditation, Fitness, Pilates... basically any kind of knowledge they feel called to teach others (on and offline)! 

Well that's because Covid completely changed the landscape of what's possible to share from our homes using today's simple technology (ie. a phone, tablet or computer).

Plus they are teaching in-person through local gatherings (where people feel safe), like outside in parks, from their garages or gardens, in local studios or workshop spaces. 

And they are not having a hard time finding students and 1-1 coaching clients, because now more than ever in history people know it's ESSENTIAL to take better care of themselves - boosting health, immune, emotions and spiritual resilience!

Have you ever wondered, “What’s their secret?”

Well rather than look at them with “comparison-eyes”, or just wishing you had that kind of success… what if you could “catch up” and learn those secrets in just 3 days? 

If you know us at all, then you know we do EVERYTHING in our power to make sure our Satori Tribe doesn’t get left behind… and that's why what we’ve just created for you is unlike anything we’ve ever done before ;-)

This is our ALL NEW “Start Teaching Today" 3-Day Bootcamp! After the Bootcamp you’ll have a CLEAR PATH and step-by-step plan of EXACTLY how to launch and grow your Business in 2022!!!

Here's some of what you’ll discover: (plus we have a detailed breakdown of the 3 days for you below!)

    How to design YOUR perfect (and unique) curriculum for your workshops, classes, coaching or retreats.

    How to name and price workshops, classes (or private session packages) that people want to pay for!

    How to know EXACTLY what to say when people ask you about your classes and sessions.

    How to raise your confidence level and speak in a way that people WANT to listen!

    How to teach and coach in a way that is fun, entertaining and creates community.

    How to teach from a phone, a desktop, a laptop or a tablet – and monitor student’s comments!

    How to say the right things at the start, middle and end of each session… so people come back for MORE!

You'll learn all of these essential strategies and soooooo much more at the Bootcamp!
CRAZY Launch Price Discount: ALL of this training is being offered - PLUS there's HIGH VALUE Super Bonus!

SUPER BONUS - Because this is a brand spanking NEW event we have a special 'Launch Bonus' - you'll be getting our (DIY) Simple Studio Setup Course so you know EXACTLY how to teach virtually – you'll have 8 setups from just ONE room and your garden! (see more below - there's also a sneak peek video!)
During this deep-dive 3-day event we'll break down our CLEAR PATH business growth blueprint for you. This blueprint will give you a specific 9 Step Sequence to follow, including the exact processes we've used to generate millions of dollars online and offline.

Please don't underestimate the effectiveness of this Sequence, it might be the MOST important thing you implement to launch and grow your business in the right way! Why? Because sequence is EVERYTHING! Do the wrong things in the wrong order and you'll be burning dollars and burning time... oh, and burning yourself out too -- do this right and you'll be UNSTOPPABLE!
Day one is all about unlocking your confidence and developing a certainty that comes from having a CLEAR PATH to launching or growing your business.

We find that m
any who are new to teaching or coaching feel overwhelmed by all of the moving parts to growing a stable and profitable business.

They find themselves uncertain about how to explain what they do, guessing at who their target audience is, using a duct tape approach to the tech and not sure of who to listen to for clear and aligned advice!

We totally understand - been there - that's why day one has been structured to get you on the CLEAR PATH so you can expand CONFIDENTLY!
Step 1 - Map Out Your CLEAR PATH to Profit: Understanding how everything fits together, in a step-by-step sequence, is like having a foolproof business plan you can confidently follow, one that's designed uniquely for YOU to profit!
✽ Step 2 - Design Your Perfect 4-Part Program Curriculum: There's an amazing confidence that comes from having a beautifully structured curriculum that  perfectly molds into your programs (classes, coaching, workshops, retreats!)

✽ Step 3 - Unlock Your Coaching Confidence & Charisma: When you're relaxed in what your teaching, because you have a structured curriculum (with lesson plans) it's then that you can fully open up your confidence and charisma!

"With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” – The Dalai Lama

Day two is all about tapping into clear communication so you have the ability to effectively communicate what it is that you do - and communicate that in the EXACT right way depending upon who is listening, and when.

This means you need an ultra clear marketing message - one that quickly and concisely explains how you help someone get out of their 'pain' and attain their aspirations and ambitions!

We been studying effective communication and marketing for decades now - and what always amazes us is how hard it can be at first for new coaches and teachers to explain what it is they do and how they can help folks.

Again, we totally understand - no judgement, we've been there too - that's why day two is designed to help you clearly communicate your offerings, and then launch them through a series of communication messages (aka PROMOS!)
Step 4 - Discover TOP Client Attraction Secrets: We want you to have the skill to rock your messaging, so you connect deeply with the people you'd love to serve. We will show you how to communicate in a way that feels authentic!  
✽ Step 5 - Learn Our 7-Day Payday (Launch Plan): There's a saying we love here at Satori Method (it comes from our friend Katrina) - she says: "It's rude not to make offers!" :-) Cute, but energetically it's true. This step is your launch plan! 

✽ Step 6 - Clarify Pricing, Packages & Payments: We all know that we have value, but sometimes we can't see how to place that value into our programs. You're going to LOVE this training because you'll finally be clear on how to price your offers right now - with the soul-aligned awareness of when to raise them.

"Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.” 
- Brian Tracy

Day three is all about the power of building community! If we're being honest, our teaching and coaching is only ever as good as the community we're able to build. Why? Because your community will pull the best out of you!

And whether you're enrolling people into your community of many or your  community of one (just you and one client), the bottom line is you must strive to cultivate a feeling of deep connection between you and those you serve.

When there is deep connection there is also great abundance - an abundance of appreciation, an abundance of real results, and an abundance of financial freedom for you - coming from the love and service you pour into your tribe!

You will see that as you build your community you will also profit more - not just because you have more clients/students, but also because people who train together get better results and go further on your Customer Journey*.
Step 7 - Master 'Feel Good' Enrollment Skills : We don't like pushy selling, so over the years we've developed our own 'iCOACH Enrollment Process' to help make joining your coaching, classes and courses a "feel good" experience.
✽ Step 8 - Develop World-Class Retention Skills: Discover our 'Sprinkle the Pringle Dust' retention techniques! Once they taste your teaching they won't be able to eat just one (lol)… they'll be back for more and more of you!

✽ Step 9 - Tap Into Additional Revenue Streams: Have you ever heard the term "you're leaving money on the table?" It's a very important concept to grasp and we'll be showing you many strategic ways you can easily earn more income! 

*During the bootcamp you'll be building a 'Customer Journey' which is how you invite your community to invest in future opportunities - this makes growing your business much easier than having to always be attracting new people.

"I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.” 
– George Bernard Shaw

"Tristan and Sabrina never cease to amaze me with their keen marketing insights. They have created an easy to follow business blueprint that totally rocks!" - Pat Parker (Custom Web Designs)
It's time to Launch your Highly-Profitable, Business... one that transforms people's lives and at the same time gives you more Time and Money Freedom. Click Here to Register 
Energy Clearing At The Event!
Tristan & Sabrina Truscott both have over 3 decades of experience teaching transformational work such as mind-body fitness, martial arts, qigong, meditation, the healing arts and love-base business solutions. They're the creators of 7 internationally acclaimed mind-body-spirit programs that help people cultivate physical vitality, mental clarity and higher consciousness.

Why Energy Clearing? As you're learning our CLEAR PATH Business Blueprint and 9 Step Business Growth Sequence you'll be guided through several Satori Method processes. Each one is designed to help you get tapped in and energetically aligned. It's from a place of clarity, focus and alignment that you'll SEE exactly how to best integrate this training into your business!
"To have a successful business, coaching is an absolute must. We've had many business coaches over the years. While they have helped Farris and I grow our business in various ways, none of them have helped at the level Tristan & Sabrina Truscott have. What makes their approach so different? Conscious Creative Heart. Their business strategies are a blend of creative and masterful cutting edge innovations, yet they never forget the ultimate reason we are doing what we do—to be of service to others." Cindy Kubica, Co-founder & Host Energized Living Today
for the Virtual  3-Day 'Start Teaching Today' Bootcamp
LIVE sessions will be held on November 12, 13 and 14
(6 Core 'Love-Based' Training Programs) ($12,000 Value)
BONUS #1: “Get It Done” Coaching
(6 Months of Implementation Coaching) ($24,000 Value)
BONUS #2: Private “Think Tank” Group
(6 Months VIP Access) ($997 Value)
BONUS #3: The Love-Based 3-Day Bootcamp
(Business Bootcamp Recordings) ($497 Value)
TOTAL VALUE: $37,494 (Biz School: $12,000 + Bonuses: $25,494)
** And a $10,000 Scholarship - Limited Number! **
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Your Investment: Get started today for 3 easy payments of just $337
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Because this is a brand spanking NEW event we have a special 'Launch Super Bonus' - you're getting our DIY Simple Studio Setups Course so you know EXACTLY how to teach virtually – with this training you'll have 8 setups from just ONE room and your garden! We got you!
The 1-Payment Scholarship Plan
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$2000 LAUNCH PRICE Just $997

"I've yet to find anybody in this industry who has such genuine warmth and care for the people whose lives you touch - and I'm not exaggerating." - June Burgess
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 Below are the most commonly asked questions about this LIVE Business Bootcamp
Who is this for? 
Simply put this 3-day bootcamp is for teachers, coaches, therapists, healers, energy workers, fitness instructors, service providers and transformational leaders looking for a clear path to consciously launching and growing their business.
Do I need previous experience? 
No previous experience is needed. This bootcamp training is perfect for new and scaling business owners :-) 
What are the bootcamp expectations? 
We totally understand that everyone is working at different levels and that is perfectly fine. We use a process of layered learning so you will be able to easily implement each step of the curriculum in a way that meets you where you're at!
What are the hours of commitment? 
The sessions will begin at 10:30am Central time. There will be breaks every 90 minutes and a lunch break. We plan to conclude by 6pm-ish. The replays will be available to watch for 30 days after the event is over. Do your best to attend live if you can as this is a "get it done" event - you will have your plans completed by the end of Day Three!
What if I have a very busy life? 
We totally understand - that is why we will provide a private member's area with all of the sessions available to you on instant replay. But it is only 3-Days and we suggest you shift other commitments if possible.
Can I invite a business partner or colleague? 
Absolutely if you are logging in from the same device at the same location. Only one person participates in exercises and conversations. This is the only way to make it fair :)
Where are the trainings held? 
Once you're registered you will immediately receive an email with instructions for the live Zoom sessions. We will also guide you through a simple preparation process so you have a wonderful experience! There will be a facebook group to connect with other participants too.
How will this program help my business?
The section above titled "What Exactly Will I Learn At The 3-Day Bootcamp?" really dives into this question :-)
Do I need a business to sign up for this?
No. This program is also PERFECT for you if you're just getting started, however having a budding business already allows us to help you take it to the next level BUT ! We'll be sharing our biggest insights and top strategies on how to start AND grow a highly profitable business!
How do you help me implement the lessons?
Building a business is a beautiful thing - and we're going to give you a CLEAR PATH roadmap that you can follow to implement the EXACT steps you'll need to launch and grow your business.
What if I have additional questions?
Simply email us at: or feel free to call us (512) 698-9591 with any other question you may have. 
 Limited Space: Registration closes on November 11th or once the event is full. (40 people max.) Click below to grab your seat before we're sold out!
“Tristan is the most caring, professional and dedicated guide you could ever meet. Both his own life’s and professional journey make it all truly authentic." - Suzan Turan
 Check Out The Buzz!
Listen to what some of our students are saying:
Dr. Jenny Cohen, S.I.M.P.L.E. Health Revolution
Coby Scaccia, Physical Therapist and Fitness Coach
"Working with Tristan has been utterly transformational! It's not just his mastery of the most cutting edge business strategies, or the way he teaches heart-centered entrepreneurship. Tristan's true genius is in his ability to start where you are and methodically guide you to places you didn't know were possible!" 
- John & Chris (Yax Yoga Concepts)
"Tristan is the best coach and mentor in the world! I've yet to find anybody in this industry who has such genuine warmth and care for the people whose lives you touch - and I'm not exaggerating." - June Burgess (Inspired Leadership & Coaching)
"Tristan I've just been on the live training... thank you for going back to basics and teaching at beginners level for me. I have spent years coaching and supporting women to achieve their goals and feel I am now being totally supported to achieve my own goals and dreams here in this training." - Annette Greenwood (Personal Coaching)
"To have a successful business, coaching is an absolute must. We've had many business coaches over the years. While they have helped Farris and I grow our business in various ways, none of them have helped at the level Tristan & Sabrina Truscott have. What makes their approach so different? Conscious Creative Heart. Their business strategies are a blend of creative and masterful cutting edge innovations, yet they never forget the ultimate reason we are doing what we do—to be of service to others." 
- Cindy Kubica (Co-founder & Host of Energized Living Today)
---> Our Business Blueprint Gives You The Fast Track! <---
Meet Trisbrina
Tristan & Sabrina Truscott
The Story Behind Why We Teach!
Click to Watch Our Docu-Mini About Why We Go Live!

Tristan and Sabrina Truscott both have a deep passion for mind-body fitness, spiritual growth and heart-centered entrepreneurship. This dynamic duo run a 7-figure online healing and coaching business through monetizing the power of personal connection and live video streaming. For the last 5 years they have developed easy to implement business trainings to help other teachers, coaches, holistic practitioners and transformational leaders launch and expand their online (and offline) businesses.
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