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What is 'The Trisbrina Show' All About?

If you're looking to up-level your life, body and being as ONE integrated experience - then joining us for The Trisbrina Show sessions is perfect for you! Each show is Simple, Short and Effective!

We believe that cultivating your ENERGY on 3 core levels is the key to your Health, Prosperity and Happiness!

That's Why We Focus On These 3 Things:

The BEING – Tapping into Soul alignment so you can CONNECT with the best version of YOU! That also means tapping into the abundance of love and sculpting that love into an incredibly integrated life and business.

The BODY – Ways to move it, feed it, and take care of it. I place a strong focus on CONNECTING with the ENERGY of the body. To do so I share practices like Qigong, T'ai Chi, Joint Mobility, Dance, Muscle Toning, Flexibility and Coordination.

The BUSINESS – Helping uplifters, leaders and coaches truly CONNECT with their message, build an audience around that message, and then create MASSIVE Momentum through the power of human connection (especially with live video!)

Tristan and Sabrina Truscott are the founders of Satori Method, a body-mind-energy system that helps you to UNBLOCK your energy, so you can UNLOCK your life!

As a young man Tristan became involved in the Martial Arts where he began his study of the mind-body-spirit connection. After many years of dedicated training Tristan was granted the coveted level of Black Belt and went on to build the largest Martial Arts Academy in Austin, Texas.

Unfortunately in the year 2000 Tristan was forced to end his martial arts career due to a crippling back injury. Even after years of intense pain, a plethora of alternative healing treatments and an unsuccessful $90,000 surgery, Tristan could barely walk, let alone teach anymore!

However as divine destiny would have it there was a blessing in disguise. It was during this painful period that Tristan and Sabrina fell deeply in love and decided to continue on Tristan’s healing journey, but now together. It was no longer just Tristan's back pain, but THEIR back pain. 

Now as “Trisbrina” they evolved through the pain, always knowing that together they would discover the solution! It was finally in the year 2005 that they had an incredible healing breakthrough, one that helped Tristan fully reclaim his health and soon after begin teaching again. 

What did they discover? That the energy of the body, unified with the wisdom of the heart and directed by the focus of the mind, is the greatest power we have - if developed correctly.

Today, they joyfully teach people their breakthrough “body-mind-aligned” system (known as Satori Method) for energy clearing, physical healing and conscious manifestation.
Tristan & Sabrina Truscott
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